It seems like new event barns are popping up everywhere these days, making it more and more difficult to pick one for your big day.

And while there’s no denying that having a wedding nestled in a country-style location is charming, there’s a problem: Not all barns are created equal.

The Advantages of a Historic Barn

Modern barns are certainly not a bad option for a wedding, but the genuine, historical and visual aspects of a restored barn can add character and splendor to your big day.

With that being said, here are some reasons as to why a historical, renovated barn is the best location for your wedding.

The Canton Barn interior

The Look of a Historic Barn

The most obvious advantages of a renovated barn is the decor. Having the original look of the location will effortlessly achieve the rustic, chic style everyone loves.

For example, our barn has the original wood from over 100 years ago, and its grain and color are looks that are hard to replicate in a new venue.

Wedding couple at The Canton Barn

The Open Spaces

Another advantage is the pure amount of space that historic barns offer.

Farmers build barns to house livestock, animal feed, hay, grain and equipment, and because of that, barns are large, open spaces that lend themselves perfectly for a big party.

Additionally, many barns have lofts and built-in areas that make unique floor plans and arrangements possible, adding some creative flair to your event.

Something else that is often overlooked when picking a barn wedding venue is the space surrounding it.

Some barns are built in places that are relatively developed and not authentic to the farm wedding feel, but barns like The Canton Barn are located on acreages surrounded by rolling fields, groves of trees and flowers.

These natural features are great backdrops for pictures and sunsets, and provide guests with scenic, panoramic views of the countryside.
Having these spacious and unfeigned features will ensure your wedding reception has a wow factor.

Modern Amenities

Finally, just because your wedding is in a rustic barn doesn’t mean you have to live like you’re a pioneer.

When barns are restored to host events, special care is taken to add all the modern amenities you and your guests would want, like WiFi, heating, cooling and lighting.

It’s important to be comfortable at a wedding, and barns like ours offer services like bartending and shuttling to make sure no one struggles to accommodate their guests.

Book Your Wedding with The Canton Barn

At The Canton Barn in South Dakota, we offer authentic barn wedding experiences with our all-inclusive wedding package, taking away some of the unnecessary stress out of planning for your big day.

If you’d like to book your wedding with us, check out our booking calendar for our availability or contact us to learn more about what the Canton Barn has to offer.