When you and your partner plan for a wedding there are many moving parts to consider. It can get intimidating knowing where to start!

Coordinating everything from the little details to the date itself can really put your head through a spin. The best place to begin is by selecting your venue in advance with a practical timeline in mind.

According to HuffPost, the average couple spends anywhere between 13 to 18 months planning for their big day. Consider this timeframe when selecting your date and wedding venue.

Types of Vendors to Hire for Your Wedding

After your venue is squared away, the next phase is lining up the vendors.
This step can often require the most time. You and your partner will likely want to get in touch with vendors who offer catering, floral arrangements, photography, and entertainment. Doing so will require getting in contact with multiple vendors to pick what works best for your wedding theme.

You’ll need to do your research and set up appointments to find what feels good.

To help, here’s a full list of services you can find a wedding vendor:

  • – Caters
  • Event Insurance
  • Florists
  • Photographers
  • – Entertainment
  • – Event Planners
  • – Hair
  • – Makeup
  • – Life Event Paintings
  • – Transportation
  • – Cakes
  • – Lodging
  • – Rentals
  • – Officiants

The Canton Barn sets extremely high standards for making your big day the best it can be with as little stress as possible. That’s why we help you look for vendors that deliver the best event services for your wedding. See the wedding vendors we recommend and trust based on our experience.

The Earlier, The Better When Booking Wedding Vendors

If you’re particular about your theme, then the best way to get what you want from vendors is to plan it out early on.

For example, the top wedding photographers that are in high demand typically get hired a year in advance for weddings. The same is true for high-class catering companies for appetizers and entrees, or local bands you’d like to hire for live entertainment.

While all of this might make you feel like you need to rush through the planning process, you shouldn’t just make a decision to be done with it. Take your time so you don’t regret booking a vendor and then end up finding another who you love even more.

Consider making a priority list to note what you absolutely can’t go without. That way you’re able to nail down the vendors who are most important to you and your partner in advance.

Get in Touch with our Trusted Vendors

If you’re planning a barn wedding in South Dakota, you’re in luck! We compiled a complete list of trusted wedding vendors with contact information included.

View our list of vendors to begin your search and let us know if you have any questions. Good luck with planning and congratulations!