Let’s face it: Picking a wedding venue for your big day is a tough decision. There are countless options available for modern brides, ranging from little family event spaces to massive arenas and conference halls.

With so many options, it’s easy to get lost in the details of the decor and atmosphere of the space, but there’s another factor wedding planners should be aware of: venue ownership, and most importantly, the difference between locally owned and national venues.

Different Types of Wedding Locations

There are many different venues available for weddings. Some of the most popular venues today include barns, parks, vineyards and hotels.

And while all venues may seem like they’re structured the same as the rest, just in different locations, their management, dedication to wedding planning and flexibility will vary greatly, with local venues often showing a higher level of service.

National vs. Local

The ownership of wedding venues can typically be classified into two different categories, national and local.

Nationally based venues

Nationally based venues are wedding locations owned by some sort of overarching organization or company.

The most common form of a nationally run venue is a hotel. Most hotels have a ballroom or conference center available to rent for wedding receptions and ceremonies.

In all, if a location has a name attached to the front that is associated with a big brand, it’s not locally owned.

Locally based venues

There are many different types of wedding venues that are locally owned. What sets these apart is the fact that they are locally owned and operated, oftentimes as a family business.

Our historical barn, for example, is run by the family that owns the acreage the barn is located on, and was responsible for restoring and renovating the barn to have modern amenities.

Wedding at the Canton Barn - people eating

Why You Should Use a Local Wedding Venue

With all of these details in mind for local and nationally based venues, you may be wondering why it matters to pick a local wedding venue.

While you can certainly put together a beautiful wedding reception in a nationally owned venue, you’re missing out on a wide variety of benefits that can elevate your wedding to a whole new level.

The first major benefit of a local wedding venue is the management.

No one knows a venue and its intricacies better than the owner of the property, so having someone who has a large stake in the venue will help you plan your wedding by answering all of your questions and easing your stress.

Another benefit of working directly with a local wedding venue is their dedication and flexibility when it comes to wedding planning.

For venue owners, wedding planning is their livelihood and what drives them, as opposed to a hotel owner who is more focused on filling their rooms. If a problem arises, local owners are going to work with you to find a solution that’s right for you, rather than ignore your request due to a restrictive policy.

Above all, local wedding venues want to provide you with the best level of service they can so you can plan your big day in a way that’s easy, effective and stress free.

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