Party planning committees–this blog is for you.

Planning corporate events is a daunting, and often frustrating task. Your coworkers and supervisors put pressure on you to impress and show originality, and many people often resort to booking the usual bar/restaurant/event center down the street.

That’s not very exciting (or easy to plan for).

Instead, why not pick a venue that not only stands out, but alleviates all of your concerns? There are a lot of advantages to using a barn like ours, which is why we decided to highlight the major factors that make us the best.

The Beauty of the Location and Venue

Picturesque, rustic, familiar, and cozy–these are all great ways to describe the interior of a restored barn and the countryside surrounding it.

In the case of The Canton Barn, we are located just south of Sioux Falls, which makes our venue accessible, scenic, and way easier to park at.

Easy Event Planning

By using a local venue that specializes in giving great ideas and inspiration, you can approach planning your event as a creative endeavor, and not a tedious one.

Whether it’s an anniversary party, an annual Christmas Party, or a special product launch, we have plenty of ideas on how to set up our barn to make your event shine.

We have tons of experience planning all kinds of events, and by using our list of trusted vendors, you can find the services you need with ease.

Unique and Memorable to All

Most people will not think of a barn when they think of office party venues, so rest assured your event will be memorable and one-of-a-kind.

Less Strangers, More Bonding

Unlike bars and restaurants which usually just have a few tables or rooms available, we are a private venue–meaning there won’t be random people showing up to your party or loud noises coming from the room next door.

Instead, what you’ll get will be an interactive day with your coworkers where you can be as quiet (or loud) as you want to be!

Fun and Flexible

When it comes to end of the year parties or corporate anniversaries, many places are booked for weeks upon weeks with no wiggle room.

While we have a lot of weddings on the weekends, our weekdays have plenty of openings, which is why we provide a calendar for you to look ahead and find the date that suits you and your organization.

And, if you have any additional questions or concerns, you can always contact us!

Create the Best Corporate Event Ever

Our team is ready to help you start planning a day of fun, cooperation, and excitement for your company. Schedule a visit with us today and learn how we are the best option for your next event.