5 Event Ideas to Have at The Canton Barn

Besides barn weddings, we welcome guests to schedule other events to have at our barn venue!

Throwing an event at the perfect venue makes a big difference. The right atmosphere sets the tone and a good location makes it easy for event attendees to be there.

If you’re looking to throw a party at a barn venue, The Canton Barn is an excellent space for a wide variety of gatherings.

Here are some ideas for parties to throw at our barn property!

Barn Venue Party Ideas Besides Weddings

When we purchased our acreage years ago, we dreamt of turning our old, historic dairy barn into an event venue. Our hard work of restoring the barn and surrounding outdoor space made this dream a reality.

Our farm acreage is nestled just south of Sioux Falls, making it a convenient destination for special gatherings. We look forward to helping you plan your event!

Canton Barn Venue For Events Tables and Seating

1. High School Reunions

Reunions are a time to come together and catch up as the years go by. We can make putting together your high school reunion an easy experience. Depending on what your graduation class size is, our farm acreage is accommodating for groups both big and small.


Canton Barn Bar for Events

2. Corporate Events

A more casual setting may just be what your next corporate event needs. Our elegant barn offers convenient parking for employees. We also have an indoor bar and bartenders available.


Canton Barn Event Venue Interior Seating

3. College Graduation Parties

Academic achievements are worth celebrating! Loved ones can gather up around indoor and outdoor spaces with a covered patio and plenty of tables and chairs.


Canton Barn Wheelchair Accessible Tables and Chairs

4. Retirement Celebrations

Honoring a retiree is a fun way to show appreciation for all of their hard work over the years. Make the start of their retirement a happy time. Our barn event space is handicap accessible and easy to navigate, with comfortable seating options.


Barn Acreage Outside

5. Fundraising Events

Put the “fun” in fundraising by changing up your typical event venue. Our beautiful farm acreage, wagon wheels, stunning gazebo, and dining tables and chairs among other amenities provide a quality setting for raising funds in support of a good cause.


Schedule Your Next Gathering at Our Event Space in Canton

We treat our customers like family while providing the perfect barn venue with the right amenities for special events. You and your loved ones will share memorable moments in our beloved space.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we’d be happy to help. If you’re interested in scheduling your event, view our event calendar to find upcoming availability.

What to Expect at Your Barn Wedding Event Experience

A barn wedding experience is a happy retreat from a typical wedding.

That’s because a restored barn offers patrons a chance to make their special day anything but ordinary. This type of venue is well situated for a rustic chic theme — making it possible to personalize your wedding with countless creative ideas.

If you’re considering getting married at a barn venue, here’s what to expect.

A Wedding Venue Like No Other

The right barn wedding venue makes saying “I do” a charming experience.

The interior sets up a romantic atmosphere under high eaves and exposed beams, while the exterior open field makes the day feel like a destination in a rural, remote location.

Outside Canton Barn Wedding Ceremony

At the Canton Barn located near Sioux Falls, SD, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of features on our property.

When you plan your wedding here, the following amenities are included to make your experience a memorable (and functional) one.

Canton Barn Amenities:

– Our Elegant Barn
– Convenient Parking
– Outdoor Fire Pit
– Stunning Gazebo
– Indoor and Outdoor Ceremony Sites
– Covered Patio with Tables and Chairs
– Indoor Bar and Bartenders
– Farm Acreage
– Ceremony Chairs
– Dining Tables and Chairs
– Wagon Wheels
– Wedding Vendors Recommendations
– Handicap Accessible
– Onsite Bathrooms
– Bridal Suite

Book Your Barn Wedding with Us!

Your friends at the Canton Barn strive to make your wedding experience run smoothly and beautifully.

We invite you to check for availability by viewing our wedding venue calendar.

How to Plan an Outdoor Wedding in South Dakota

South Dakota is the perfect setting for a barn wedding. With open prairies, farmlands, and lakes located across our Midwest state, we have an abundance of natural beauty surrounding us for inspiration.

Finding the perfect wedding venue for your stunning day requires careful thought — especially when planning an outdoor wedding in South Dakota.

To help, The Canton Barn compiled a list of steps to guide your wedding coordination.

Steps to Plan a Barn Wedding Outside

Factors such as inclement weather, holidays, and local events all must be considered while putting together the plan. The Canton Barn outlines important steps to take when preparing for your wedding outside.

Sioux Falls Barn Wedding Ceremony

1. Consider weather conditions when choosing a wedding date.

If you live in South Dakota, you know right away that the weather here can be unpredictable. Inclement weather and drastic temperature changes happen at a moment’s notice. We typically can experience snowfall from October through early May.

So if you’re planning for an outdoor wedding, it’s best to take this all into consideration. June, July and August are the most popular months for weddings according to The Knot. With the mild weather of summer spreading into autumn, the months of September and October are also a good time for a wedding outside.

2. Prepare for the unexpected weather on the wedding day.

Preparation is key. In case it rains, snows, or heats up on your wedding day outdoors, be prepared to instruct guests to bring umbrellas and dress accordingly as soon as you can.

Embrace the rain by renting a tent from a trusted vendor and have towels and blankets available for guests to use. If temperatures warm up due to a hot day, provide fans for people to use to cool off.

At The Canton Barn wedding venue, we have a backup plan in action in case of inclement weather with a space to hold your ceremony inside. This gives you and your guests peace of mind.

By setting the right mood and remaining optimistic, the change of weather might just make the situation a pleasant, memorable experience.

3. If booking your wedding during holidays or major events, be conscious of a couple of things.

Consider that there may be scheduling conflicts for your guests if the wedding is being booked during a holiday weekend. Costs for travel and hotels are significantly higher during the holidays.

Here’s a compilation of holiday dates from 2020 to 2023 between May and November.

Mother’s Day (always a Sunday)
Weekend of May 9–10, 2020
Weekend of May 8–9, 2021
Weekend of May 7-8, 2022
Weekend of May 13-14, 2023

Memorial Day (always a Monday)
Weekend of May 23–25, 2020
Weekend of May 29–31, 2021
Weekend of May 28-30, 2022
Weekend of May 27-29, 2023

Father’s Day (always a Sunday)
Weekend of June 20–21, 2020
Weekend of June 19–20, 2021
Weekend of June 18-19, 2022
Weekend of June 17-18, 2023

Independence Day
Saturday, July 4, 2020
Sunday, July 4, 2021
Monday, July 4, 2022
Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Labor Day (always a Monday)
Weekend of September 5–7, 2020
Weekend of September 4–6, 2021
Weekend of September 3-5, 2022
Weekend of September 2-4, 2023

Columbus Day (always a Monday)
Weekend of October 10–12, 2020
Weekend of October 9–11, 2021
Weekend of October 8-10, 2022
Weekend of October 7-9, 2023

Saturday, October 31, 2020
Sunday, October 31, 2021
Monday, October 31, 2022
Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Thanksgiving (always a Thursday)
November 26, 2020
November 25, 2021
November 24, 2022
November 23, 2023

If your wedding is taking place in eastern South Dakota, you’ll also want to note major annual events like JazzFest in mid-July as they can present extra road congestion and make it more difficult for your guests to find lodging. Check for upcoming events with Downtown Sioux Falls and Experience Sioux Falls to stay in the know.

4. Provide directions to guests who aren’t familiar with the area.

Make your wedding guests from out of town feel comfortable with directions, an event itinerary, and recommendations for reservations and restaurants. If they’re flying in for your special day, they’ll likely make a trip out of the occasion.

By giving these guests a taste of South Dakota kindness you leave them with a lasting impression — and hopefully a return visit back to our state.

5. Keep guests entertained with games and gatherings.

You can expect there to be downtime for guests in between itinerary items of the wedding day. If the weather cooperates, plan to set up yard games for people to play and enjoy themselves. Many of your guests may not know each other, so games give them an opportunity to break the ice, relax, and have fun.

At The Canton Barn, we have a fire pit outside, which is a nice gathering spot for wedding attendees at nighttime. Plus, the fire pit gives you another chance to capture photos of your loved ones together.

Book Your South Dakota Wedding at The Canton Barn!

Plan your outdoor wedding in South Dakota at The Canton Barn! Located just south of Sioux Falls, our wedding venue accommodates celebrations at the restored barn on our beautiful property.

We have plenty of room for convenient parking next to the barn wedding facility. Check availability by viewing our wedding venue calendar.

Inspiration for Barn Wedding Venue Ideas

Who knew rustic and chic could work so well together?

A barn wedding venue is the perfect idea for a photo-friendly outdoor retreat. The open setting of a barn gives you the perfect blank canvas to personalize with your theme. From jar string lights to reclaimed wood decorations, there are endless creative possibilities to add a touch of whimsy to a space.

Simple touches go a long way. With the Canton Barn venue as your backdrop, your wedding day photos will be staged for perfection. Here are creative ideas to help you get inspired for your wedding in South Dakota.

10 Creative Ideas for Restored Barn Weddings

Wedding Table Glassware and Plate Settings

1. Add a touch of refined elegance with old-timey glassware, silverware, and plate settings.

Wedding Reception Table Decorations

2. Complement white tablecloths with bold colored napkins and florals for table settings.

Wedding Reception Bar and Tables with Flowers

3. Skip elaborate floral arrangements and get minimalist with glassware and white flowers like daisies or baby’s breath.

Wedding Guest Game Table

4. Use chalkboards to display quotes, games, the itinerary, or the menu.

Wedding Guestbook Signing Table

5. Beautify a station for guestbook entries and card drop-offs. Accent it with personal photos of your love story.

Wooden Welcome Sign for Wedding

6. Go all out with reclaimed wood centerpieces and small signs to complement the rustic barn theme.

Wedding Buffet Table Decorations

7. Add woven baskets, metal tiered stands, and bright florals to your buffet table.

White Wedding Cake

8. Situate tree wood slices and decor with a white cake for a divine look.

Seasonal Dessert Table for Wedding Reception

9. Work in seasonal touches like pine cones, pumpkins, and conifer leaves.

Wedding Party Table Decorations

10. Give yourself a spotlight with bright lights for a glowing backdrop and eye-catching text accents.

Make Your Wedding Day in South Dakota One to Remember

A restored barn is the perfect wedding venue location for those interested in celebrating with a countryside theme. Now that you have creative ideas to make your day beautiful, don’t forget about lining up the vendors!

Booking barn wedding vendors is an important step to make everything run smoothly on your wedding day. Explore our list of trusted wedding vendors in South Dakota if you need any recommendations.

What to Expect When Booking Wedding Vendors

When you and your partner plan for a wedding there are many moving parts to consider. It can get intimidating knowing where to start!

Coordinating everything from the little details to the date itself can really put your head through a spin. The best place to begin is by selecting your venue in advance with a practical timeline in mind.

According to HuffPost, the average couple spends anywhere between 13 to 18 months planning for their big day. Consider this timeframe when selecting your date and wedding venue.

Types of Vendors to Hire for Your Wedding

After your venue is squared away, the next phase is lining up the vendors.

This step can often require the most time. You and your partner will likely want to get in touch with vendors who offer catering, floral arrangements, photography, and entertainment. Doing so will require getting in contact with multiple vendors to pick what works best for your wedding theme.

You’ll need to do your research and set up appointments to find what feels good.

To help, here’s a full list of services you can find a wedding vendor:

  • – Caters
  • Event Insurance
  • Florists
  • Photographers
  • – Entertainment
  • – Event Planners
  • – Hair
  • – Makeup
  • – Life Event Paintings
  • – Transportation
  • – Cakes
  • – Lodging
  • – Rentals
  • – Officiants

The Canton Barn sets extremely high standards for making your big day the best it can be with as little stress as possible. That’s why we help you look for vendors that deliver the best event services for your wedding. See the wedding vendors we recommend and trust based on our experience.

The Earlier, The Better When Booking Wedding Vendors

If you’re particular about your theme, then the best way to get what you want from vendors is to plan it out early on.

For example, the top wedding photographers that are in high demand typically get hired a year in advance for weddings. The same is true for high-class catering companies for appetizers and entrees, or local bands you’d like to hire for live entertainment.

While all of this might make you feel like you need to rush through the planning process, you shouldn’t just make a decision to be done with it. Take your time so you don’t regret booking a vendor and then end up finding another who you love even more.

Consider making a priority list to note what you absolutely can’t go without. That way you’re able to nail down the vendors who are most important to you and your partner in advance.

Get in Touch with our Trusted Vendors

If you’re planning a barn wedding in South Dakota, you’re in luck! We compiled a complete list of trusted wedding vendors with contact information included.

View our list of vendors to begin your search and let us know if you have any questions. Good luck with planning and congratulations!