Kalli and Tim Blackstone, founders, and owners of The Canton Barn, LLC, don’t just talk the talk. They spend their lives walking it out. From her childhood in the country, Kalli herself grew up around farms and barns. All of her memories from these places, and those of her friends, always included real happiness. She knew, even as a young girl, that barns represent hard work and well-deserved celebrations that follow at the end of long, challenging days. 

Today, The Canton Barn is a rustic, charming, and elegant venue and a happy retreat for anyone who steps foot across its entrance, the one place you can be sure your entire experience will be positive and uplifting. It is a place that feels like home, where Kalli, her husband, Tim, and their team pour their blood, sweat, and tears into creating a joy-filled air of nostalgia and whimsy that becomes a new lifelong memory you will never forget.